The Consultancy

The aim of The Consultancy is to provide independent, hands-on, practical advice and training to issuers and other participants in the Sustainable Finance market.

MMC recognises the different needs of the many different complexions of participants in this market.



  • We have worked with individual issuers to prepare them for access to the sustainable finance market, helping them to identify assets, to obtain an opinion on their bond and to put in place robust internal processes
  • We have worked with development banks to increase capacity for issuance of sustainable instruments within their sphere of operations. This involves identifying potential issuers, their strengths and development needs.  We have also assessed the potential for development of sustainable on balance sheet instruments such as loans, allowing lenders to strengthen the ESG quality of their portfolio and borrowers to finance themselves in a sustainable fashion.
  • We have designed and delivered comprehensive, tailored education for potential issuers of sustainable finance instruments and other market participants, including inter-active workshops that allow issuers to prepare themselves for the process of issuance.  Our training always has a strong ‘how to’ bias.

The Consultancy has the resources to execute complex projects on a stand-alone basis but is equally comfortable leading or participating in consortia of consultants according to the needs of individual clients.

Please get in touch with us for a preliminary discussion.